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Festivalled over and out… July 28, 2011

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There is something wonderful about a campsite at 6am. Birds are singing, little children are waking up, and slowly people begin to stir. Having children means there are no lie-ins but that’s ok because there is so much to do at Port Eliot Festival that you don’t want to waste time sleeping.

Fabulous music, amazing food, and masses of literary loveliness amounts to a fantastic weekend and all in the beautiful surroundings of the Port Eliot estate. Too much to tell all in one go so I’ll have to filter through everything over the next few posts, especially once the photos are available.

So for now, home again and back to business, but basking in the glow of a marvellous weekend xx


Home again July 19, 2011

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So my baby girl came home last night after 4 days at camp. She’s slept the clock round, eaten a huge breakfast and is now trying to get the knots out of her hair!!

I’m so happy to have her home 🙂

And she’s just got time to recover before we are off festivalling at the end of the week – yippee!


More cake! July 14, 2011

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It’s so hot today and really not the day to be baking but here I am in the kitchen again as my only daughter requires a cake to take to camp tomorrow. She’s off to the Isles of Scilly for four days and I will miss her terribly. So today I don’t really mind being stuck in a hot kitchen as it means she will have her lemon syrup cake to take and share.

To make the process more bearable I dug out a couple of old fave cds, hits collections of The Doors and Johnny Cash, and had myself a little sing along, a bit of a bop. Just hearing the opening trumpet on ‘Ring of Fire’ makes me smile x



Good Friends July 12, 2011

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I love it how with good friends they can pop round in the afternoon for a cup of tea and a slice of cake and then before you know it we’re all eating dinner and enjoying a few glasses of wine. And the children are all happily ensconced, watching a film, playing a game, spending time together. It was a perfect Sunday, just haven’t had time to jot it down until now.

Son no.3 desperately wanted to bake a Victoria sponge cake, and it had to be handmade, not in the food processor. So there he was, creaming butter and sugar, cracking eggs – he’s only 9. But he did a great job and it quickly vanished! And here it is, proudly displayed on my favourite charity shop vintage plate…

Sunday afternoon tea

tea on Sunday


Good friends, good food, good music – that’s what it’s all about x


Friday is my favourite day July 8, 2011

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because I go to yoga class in the morning, then home for lunch, and time for some knitting in the afternoon.

Yoga was very emotional for me today. Since my friend died I haven’t been able to go to yoga class but after talking to my teacher I felt it was time to try. But it was quite overwhelming and at one point I just had to rest in childs pose and cry. It was a good release, although there have been more tears throughout the day.

A quiet lunch was followed by some quality knitting time. I’m currently working on a shawl from a pattern called Northern Lights I found on Ravelry.  I’m hoping to give it to a friend. A good shawl is like a good hug I feel. And right now that is what she needs.

Northern Lights begins

And so on to tomorrow. Everything has had me in tears today; more smiles for tomorrow x


Everyone says hi. July 7, 2011

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I heard this on the radio and it just sounded so good! I had forgotten I even had this on cd, never mind how great it is. After a quick rummage through the piles of cds there it was. So I spent this afternoon washing dishes, looking at the clouds from the kitchen window, listening to Heathen – a good day.

view from the kitchen window

And certainly a brighter day than yesterday when I spent a very soggy afternoon watching Son no.3 at his sports day. It is such a British thing to do – the children all had a super time running races, while the adults were huddled under umbrellas drinking tea.  Wonderful x


Sometimes I surprise myself! July 5, 2011

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I suddenly remembered this afternoon that Son No.2 has cookery tomorrow and requires ingredients for a lemon and orange drizzle cake. So I scoured the shelves and found almost everything, and thought that a quick visit to our local deli would provide the rest. But no! I was able to find eggs, lemons, even ground almonds, but no lemon curd. So I tried the local shop but still nothing. Then I seemed to recall a recipe for lemon curd lurking in a cookery book – how difficult could it be…!

I used this recipe from Rachel Allen and it worked!!

lemon curd

lemon curd

One and a half jars of lemon curd  – sometimes I  surprise myself x


In the beginning

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Hello and welcome to one and all who stop by – pull up a chair, have a cuppa, let’s chat a while.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, to write, to share my thoughts and projects, but I never quite got it together and thought I couldn’t really do it. But then, recently a good friend died, and what I learned from him was that if I wanted to do something then there was no reason not to, so I am inspired by him to try.

So here goes. This will be a space for my ramblings, my plans, my everyday endeavours and hopefully a gallery for my finished projects and other little crafty things that catch my eye.



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