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The promise of a bank holiday… August 28, 2011

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I love a bank holiday, don’t ask me why. It might be left over from my younger years, when it meant an extra day off, a promise of something better. Tomorrow it means a day spent with friends, perhaps a glass of Pimms or two, catching up, good food, before the end of the holidays are upon us.

Only a couple of days ago we were travelling home, along the A30, sun going down. And then there was a magical moment, the perfect combination of raindrops and sunlight, a rainbow. And at one point I could see both ends of the rainbow. And then a double rainbow. Photographs can’t do it justice, but here we go…

Homeward bound

Homeward bound



A double rainbow

Double rainbow - look closely!

Almost there...

Almost there..

Red sky begins

Red sky begins...

I saw both ends of the rainbow – I couldn’t catch it, but I did see it xx


One Response to “The promise of a bank holiday…”

  1. Karen Says:

    Lovely photos…I agree that a camera can never do justice to the beautiful sights seen in the sky.

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