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One a Day Project – Tuesday’s Tallies 2 September 27, 2011

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Well, here we are, it’s Tuesday again and time to update.

My ripple blanket is now underway and going along very nicely! I began on Sunday and have almost completed the third colour, so that’s 6 rows. I’m pretty pleased with that – it’s a good start. It’s actually a really lovely pattern to work on, as it just seems to flow along in a gentle meandering way. And the yarn is soft which makes it delightful to work with too. As you can see I’m enjoying this immensely, in fact it’s hard to tear myself away!

My ripple blanket

The ripple begins

Thank you to all you lovely ladies who left such sweet comments last week. My husband’s hand is much better now and it’s good to know that we all share similar experiences in our day to day family lives. Until next week… xx

And don’t forget to check out other inspiring One a Day projects over on Gingerbread Girl’s blog.


15 Responses to “One a Day Project – Tuesday’s Tallies 2”

  1. Marja Says:

    I love this yarn and agree it’s so soft to work with. Lovely progress and colors so far!

  2. Deb Hickman Says:

    I love the ripple blanket and I love your choice of

  3. I love the colours you’re using for this blanket – they’re just lovely! 🙂

  4. Kepanie Says:

    Pretty colors you’re using for this ripple. It looks wonderful so far.

  5. Deanne Says:

    The ripple blanket is a favorite of mine as well. Love the colors – look forward to seeing more of it next week!

  6. Beautiful! I’m using similar colours for my current project and it’s a real feast for the eyes 🙂

  7. HillyT Says:

    Oooh, my favourite colours are right there in your picture. It will be lovely.

  8. Karisma Says:

    Its looking really pretty so far! I think one day I am also going to have to give this one a go, I am falling in love with it more every time I see one!

  9. Faith Says:

    The colours are lovely, what yarn is it? Did you already say? I fancy making a ripple too, maybe when I get a few things finished first!

  10. Faith Says:

    Ah, I see now it is style craft, it is lovely and soft isn’t it?

  11. Looks great! Can you send some ripple vibes this way? I have 19 rows to go to finish one………

  12. all4meggymoo Says:

    Lovely pattern and very pretty colours

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