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Tuesday’s Tallies 5 – on Wednesday! October 19, 2011

Oh dearie me. I don’t know quite what happened to Tuesday – it just seemed to pass by before I ever got a chance to get anywhere near the computer!! Lots to do as always so a quick catch-up on Wednesday.

I’m on to my 19th colour change and back to Pomegranate, a colour I love. The ripple is now starting to spread nicely over my lap as I crochet which is a bonus now the weather has become decidedly cooler. In fact there may even have been a light frost this morning but as it was still quite dark when I first looked out I couldn’t be definite on that.

Rippling along

And on another note – I read Lucy’s post regarding the last dahlias the other day which made me think I must see if the Farmer’s Market had any this week. So yesterday morning I went off into town with this very idea in mind. First stop was coffee however with a couple of friends so we could catch up before half term. Then into the coffee shop comes my step-daughter with my gorgeous granddaughter carrying a beautiful bunch of dahlias. For me!! I was delighted on all counts as you can imagine. I had coffee and cake with friends, a good chat, met up with family and brought home a fabulous bunch of dahlias!

The last dahlias

Happy Tuesday indeed xx

I’m off now to check out how everyone else is getting on with their projects over on Gingerbread Girls’ blog


9 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tallies 5 – on Wednesday!”

  1. all4meggymoo Says:

    i think the colour in your ripple blanket are amazing so pretty.

  2. Kepanie Says:

    Your ripple’s colours are fantastic! Great choices on your part.

  3. You can’t beat a ripple. No wonder they are so popular. So colourful, it’s gorgeous.
    Kier x

  4. beberouge Says:

    I was just discussing with a friend the other day how we both think ripples can be a bithit or miss on the colours and yours is looking just lovely. xx

  5. Thank you all, I am loving these colours too, and have Lucy to thank. It all started with a Stylecraft Lucy pack, and then I saw on Facebook a list of the Granny Stripe colours, but I decided to use that in a ripple. I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out x

  6. Niamh Says:

    The ripple blanket is beautiful. The colours are so vibrant, it’ll definitely keep you warm on some cold winter days 🙂

  7. Janette Says:

    Beautiful ripple, Im jealous of all the colours. The Dahlias are gorgeous aren’t they, some of my favourite flowers!

  8. Ali G Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful colours in your blanket. Gorgeous!

  9. kashi Says:

    great color sequence. Nice job.

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