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One a Day Project – Tuesday’s Tallies 6 October 25, 2011

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Tuesday again and this week it’s half term and we all know what that means! Lovely to have the children at home and more time to do family things, but less time for crochet. I’m trying really hard to fit a little bit in here and there, and hopefully this can continue throughout the week.

I’m now on to my 24th colour change. According to the list I’m working from there are 60 colour changes in total, which would mean I have 36 to go. In theory I could be finished by the end of November which would be great. In practice, as long as I’m finished before Christmas I’ll be glad!

Measurement-wise, I’ve got 15 pattern repeats which is 1m30 wide, and currently the length is 56cm. A quick calculation shows that 60 rows would be 1m40 in length and I’m not sure if that will be long enough so I may have to add a few more rows… we’ll see when we get there.

This week’s photo –

Still rippling!

Still rippling and still loving it. Happy Tuesday x

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19 Responses to “One a Day Project – Tuesday’s Tallies 6”

  1. Barbina Says:

    Your blanket looks amazing! I love your colours, so bright and happy! So we will sit both under our Christmas trees wrapped in our new blankets! : )
    Have a wonderful week! Barbina

  2. Sherrie Says:

    I love all those colors. It’s going to be beautiful when done. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Deb Hickman Says:

    Your ripple blanket is beautiful, I started one over the weekend and loving it. Have a good

  4. Nicky Says:

    Loving your colors 😉 A ripple is on my list… after I finish the first 3 blankets I have already started, UGH! Have a great week. xx Nicky

  5. It look lovely, you’ve arranged the colours so well 🙂

  6. Faith Says:

    Gorgeous, I bet you must be so pleased with it. How nice to think you’ll have it done for Christmas too! Lucky you!

    Enjoy the hols, I’m loving being less tied by the school run and feel like weight has been lifted. Hope you find your spare few minutes in the day.

  7. all4meggymoo Says:

    o i do love you ripple blanket, the colours are just beautiful.

  8. Janette Says:

    It looks beautiful you must be so happy with it! Enjoy having the kids home! J xx

  9. beberouge Says:

    It’s stunning!! I love the lucy colours they work so well for a ripple. xx

  10. Anastacia Says:

    looking good! slow & steady, right?

  11. Karisma Says:

    Your colour choices are simply beautiful, can’t wait to see the finished result!

  12. LeeAnn Says:

    Wow! Very pretty! I love how the colors look! =] Keep it up!

  13. Those colours are looking GORGEOUS!

  14. Loveliness! I have just started learning how to ripple 🙂

  15. Joanne Says:

    Your ripple looks great laid out, it’s colours are wonderful.

  16. Niamh Says:

    Love it, its so beautiful 🙂

  17. Ali Says:

    Oh, lovely, lovely colours for this gorgeous ripple!! You’re doing really well – it’ll be finished before you know it 🙂

  18. kashi Says:

    Very pretty ripple. i just added you to my reading list so I can read your blog every time you post. Thanks for your comments on mine.

  19. Nicole Says:

    You’re doing really well, keep up the lovely ripples 🙂 xx

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