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Late Again – Tuesday’s Tallies 7 (on Wednesday!) November 2, 2011

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Tuesday’s just seem to be too busy of late, with no time to get anywhere near the computer!

Of course, we had a busy time on Monday, what with Hallowe’en and all, supper with friends, trick or treating in the pouring rain, and these gorgeous sweet little munchkins lanterns!

Munchkin lanterns

The blanket is still rippling away, on to colour change 31 now, and still smitten.

Rippling along

I’ve also managed to knit another wash cloth so only one more of those to go.

And I began crocheting snowflakes after reading a post on Ravelry. I had my own experience of a Special Care Baby Unit when our second son was born, 11 weeks prematurely , on New Years Eve 1996. It was a complete shock for us all, and everyone was so kind and helpful. After 12 weeks of living our lives on a day to day rollercoaster ride he finally came home. It hasn’t been easy; he has cerebral palsy, with mobility problems, learning difficulties, asthma, it’s quite a list. But he is wonderful, talented and a fabulous human being. And this New Years Eve he will be 15. I don’t know where the time has gone!

Back to today, and I’m hoping that after the school run I can check out the other One A Dayers over on Gingerbread Girl’s blog!

Happy Wednesday xx


6 Responses to “Late Again – Tuesday’s Tallies 7 (on Wednesday!)”

  1. Niamh Says:

    I saw the piece on snowflakes too. Its so great having a personal touch on the incubators, it softens the clinical look of all the equipment. My son was also born 11weeks early. I love your ripples, its just so bright and cheerful. It will definitely brighten up any cold winter day.

  2. Faith Says:

    Your ripple looks lovely, its such a lovely pattern isn’t?

    The snowflakes are a lovely idea, such a small thing, but I’m sure it makes a difference.

  3. HillyT Says:

    Fabulous pumpkins and I love your ripple, it’s looking stunning. The snowflake idea is such a lovely one, definitely one to add to the list.

  4. beberouge Says:

    Your ripple looks lovely as always. It must of been a very hard time for you when your son was born, I just can’t imagine it. I’m sure the snowflakes will make a big difference to babies and parents a like. Lots of Love xx

  5. Janette Says:

    Sorry I missed this earlier! Your ripple is gorgeous, I think you have overtaken me!! Loving those cute lanterns too, Ill have to remember them for next year!

  6. Sarah Says:

    I love your ripple, very pretty!!

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