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Tuesday’s Tallies 8 November 15, 2011

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Well well well it’s Tuesday and I’ve made it to the computer! Yet another busy week in my house. Unfortunately our car radiator decided to leak on Friday which meant an untimely meeting with the AA who thankfully got us back on the road, but now, oh dear, car in the garage for a few days, leaving us relying on friends for the school run and plenty of walking! We had a lovely get together with friends on Saturday, and then some catching up with homework and laundry on Sunday. Then Monday, back to it.

No car means less going out, especially as we are busy with the fireplace too. I spent yesterday decluttering in the bedroom and now have a dust-free tidy room – fabulous. I’m looking forward to the fireplace being finished so I can work some similar magic in the sitting room. Just now it looks like this…


Ripple in the kitchen

On the One a Day front I have managed some rows on the ripple and am now on to colour change 37. I know I am slacking in the ripple department but I’m still determined to finish for Christmas. I can’t wait to see the look on my daughter’s face when she discovers it’s actually for her. The other day she said how lovely it is, and how nice to see it spreading over my knees as it grows, and how handy that is now it’s getting colder! She doesn’t read my blog so she must read my mind! Or maybe we are just so similar. She loves crafting too, can knit and crochet, and goes to a textiles group after school. Last year she made a dress – she was only 11 – and they had an end of term fashion show with all the year 11 girls in their prom dresses. My, what an occasion. This year she is making a mini collection of 4 items – I’ll try and post some pics when it’s ready!

I’ve also cast on a scarf for my Grandma for Christmas, just yesterday. I found the pattern in a book called Knit Green and it’s here on Ravelry. I may make a couple, one for my Gran too, then find some lovely scarf pins to complete the gifts. I’m also making headway with the 2 at a time socks – great fun!

Grandma's gator gaiter

2 at a time socks

So off now to check out the other one-a-dayers over on Gingerbread Girl’s blog.

Happy Tuesday xx


11 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tallies 8”

  1. kashi Says:

    The blanket is really pretty. I know I have to keep some of my projects secret right now, not sure if the ones they are made for are reading my blog.

  2. all4meggymoo Says:

    Your blanket is lovely & daughter will love it. Its great when your lil ones grow up wanting to craft too its lovely that your daughter is into crafting & dress making.

  3. Sherrie Says:

    Beautiful blanket! Love the colors your using. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. Joanne Says:

    How wonderful that your daughter is to be so crafty so young, I barely knew how to turn a sewing machine on!!
    I really love that scarf, it looks so neat and smart. It may well have to go on my list!
    The socks look great, I’m off to learn how to knit socks on Saturday. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do but have been bit wary of!

  5. Faith Says:

    Gosh, you’ve got more than one a day on! The ripple looks lovely and so does your new knitted shawl. As for two at a time knitted socks……way over my head!

  6. Kepanie Says:

    I’m so envious your daughter is so crafty at such a young age. That is so cool.
    Love the colors of your ripple! What a sweet surprise that will be for her.

  7. beberouge Says:

    The ripple is just so pretty, your daughter will be so surprised and happy it’s for her. How clever is she at 11 sewing a dress she is definitely talented.

  8. Niamh Says:

    Your daughter must be a very talented girl. What a brilliant surprise present to give her.

  9. Janette Says:

    There’s nothing better than a bit of stay at home to tidy the place you live! How much longer till your fireplace is finished? You are still making progress on your ripple which is good (and youve officially passed me so there cant be much to go! Jxx

  10. Yay for still making progress even with everything else going on!

    Your daughter will love it 🙂

  11. Candace Says:

    Ripple is coming along lovely. I’m sure your Daughter will love her blanket. I’m making a project like that at the moment for my Daughter, she thinks it for my new niece or nephew which is due next May. Its way to big for a cot, just need to buckle down and get it finished in time for Christmas now.

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