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Tuesday’sTallies 10 – It’s Beginning To Feel A Bit Like… December 7, 2011

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And so we’re into December and it’s time to get on with all those crafting projects that we must finish!! Usually I find deadlines quite difficult and tend to be a bit more ‘go with the flow’ but not in December! So as the big deadline approaches I’m trying to break it down into smaller, more manageable proportions!!

I’ve been helped with this by my parents paying us their annual festive visit a bit earlier this year. They travel from Northumberland down to Cornwall to see us all and deliver their gifts, taking our gifts for all the family back with them. This meant I had to finish both gaiters for my Grandmamas. I’d also decided to make pins to fasten them with so it was time for me to go into overdrive. And late last night I finally sat amidst the wrapping paper with both completed – yippee!


A gaiter for Grandma with anemone pin

A gaiter for Gran with Christmas rose pin


So that’s the first deadline met. My parents left this morning with all parcels packed in the boot of their car – phew!

The next deadline approaching will be to complete the mini stockings to post off to my nieces later this week, with Lindt Santas tucked neatly inside. Then there will be the one remaining washcloth, and I’m contemplating a knitted tie for my husband – any thoughts on patterns anyone? And I should have my garland assembled and hanging this weekend after we’ve collected the tree!

Unfortunately my ripple is feeling sadly neglected but with a couple of quiet evenings ahead I should hopefully be able to catch up once again.

It’s definitely beginning to feel a bit like Christmas…


It's beginning to feel a bit like...


It’s Wednesday now – I wanted to wait and add photos before posting! I’m off now to Gingerbread Girl’s blog to check out all you other one-a-dayers and see how everyone else is coping with the demands of the season.

Have a great week xx


6 Responses to “Tuesday’sTallies 10 – It’s Beginning To Feel A Bit Like…”

  1. Very nice!!!! Looking at all these Christmassy things is putting a sense of panic in the pit of my stomach as we are still not at all prepared!!!!

  2. Niamh Says:

    I wish I was sticking to deadlines as well as you are. The gaiters are beautiful and the pins are a lovely finish to them. The finishing details really make a difference.

  3. I love the first one it is so pretty with the colors the way they blend. The flowers make them even more beautiful! Thanks for sharing great pictures.

  4. Kepanie Says:

    OMGosh! How interesting. I Googled “gaiters” and so those will be worn over a leg? Or are these like neck wraps? What a nice addition of those pins. I think shawl pins are so lovely but the sticks scare me b/c they’re so pointy! What a genius idea to do.
    That Christmas stocking is so cute and love how you’ll fill it w/chocolate. What a smart idea!

    • No they are definitely neck wraps! Not sure why they are called gaiters in this book – I know that usually refers to something like a leg warmer!
      Thanks for all your lovely comments x

  5. Barbina Says:

    I love your neck wraps together with the pins, they are so beautiful and make a great Christmas gift! I have lots of things on my to do list too and time is running so fast!
    Have a great day! Barbina

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