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One A Day Project 2012 January 11, 2012

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And so we return to the One-A-Dayers and Tuesdays Tallies for 2012. Of course it is Wednesday but that is nothing new for me.

I had decided to finish a few WIPs in January and then join a CAL that is beginning in February. It’s a Bernat Mystery Afghan and I found it from the We Love Lucy Facebook group.

Of course many things can happen before February and having just seen Carole’s new blanket I am very tempted to start one of those! I’m really missing my ripple – it was a lovely cosy project for the chilly evenings so I’m keen to start another blanket soon! And big thank yous to everyone for your lovely comments on my ripple ta-dah post – it’s been a wonderful journey that I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you all.

Also, my cousin’s baby is due early February so there are many baby things to make too. After seeing Lucy’s festive bunting I thought I’d try that first and add baby’s name to the bunts. So yesterday I made the first one. Now I just need to order some more yarn – ha ha!

Hope everyone has a great week and fingers crossed I’ll have a lovely bunting update next Tuesday xx


6 Responses to “One A Day Project 2012”

  1. kashi Says:

    Hello, Just wanted to tell you, if you want to make the same blanket that Carole is making, I started two different CAL’s for it. One on We Love Lucy, you can use and yarn you want. And one on Citizen’s of Stitch Nation, where you use Debbie’s Stitch Nation wool. I am making two. Lucy and Debbie collaborated on the BLANKET STATEMENT pattern. I would love to see you in either group. They work up fast too. Talk to you soon. Kashi.

  2. Joanne Says:

    I agree with you, there is so many wonderful project that everyone is working on, it makes you want to start them all.
    I love the idea of Lucy’s bunting with a name on for a baby, what a great gift. I would like to do one for valentines day but…….just don’t know where I can fit it in to my day.
    Hope you have a great week.

  3. Deb Hickman Says:

    I loved your ripple blanket and look forward to seeing your new

  4. Barbina Says:

    I love your idea to make a bunting with the baby´s name on it. I can´t wait to see it finished!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. stocki Says:

    Ha ha … I am doing Tuesday’s tallies on Wednesdays too… better late than never! I’m going to have a look at Kashi’s CAL groups too :)x

  6. Janette Says:

    There are always to many tempting projects and not enough time to do them… I too am tempted by another blanket- maybe a CAL will be the way to go!

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