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Tuesday’s Tallies – but on Wednesday again! February 1, 2012

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So that was January! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone! We began very well with a champagne breakfast with friends on the 1st, and ended with a fab party on the 28th (well, almost the end of January!). I discovered slojitos – like a mojito but made with sloe gin, basil and limes – a great party drink and definitely a new favourite for me.

In between those two events there has been plenty going on – the pressure is cranking up at school for my 2 older boys with exams looming for both of them and lots of coursework/controlled assessments in the meantime. I’m trying to keep them well fed and rested so they don’t buckle – roll on half term. Dressmaking aplenty for my daughter. I’m so glad we bought her a new sewing machine for Christmas, and can’t wait to give it a sneaky try when I get the chance – it’s so much better than my old thing!    And my youngest is full of bounce at the moment – I wish I had some of his energy to get me through the winter.

Yesterday it suddenly got much colder so it was fire lit, steaming mugs of rooibos chai and a couple of episodes of Bleak House for me, accompanied by a little crochet and knitting. My Blanket Statement is coming along nicely and I’ve just started a tiny beanie for the my cousin’s baby. I’ve already finished a tiny pair of socks and the bunting is almost there.


Getting there...

Tiny baby things

More bunting!

So it’s over now to Gingerbread Girl to check out the other one-a-dayers!

Happy Wednesday xx


8 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tallies – but on Wednesday again!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Oh tiny baby socks, so so cute!

  2. Joanne Says:

    Your statement blanket is looking wonderful and I just love that bunting.

  3. Faith Says:

    Love all your projects, especially the teeny socks, very cute, lovely yarn!

    I also like the sound of a sloejito, I have some homemade sloegin in the cupboard so maybe I should broaden my cocktail horizons!

  4. Gorgeous projects – I love the colours in your blanket! Nikki

  5. kashi Says:

    Isn’t that blanket fun to make? I gave you an award.

  6. Niamh Says:

    those socks are just the cutest. Your blanket is beautiful. I want to start one when I get this one finished.

  7. beberouge Says:

    It’s lovely watching your blanket grow it’s stunning!! Those slojitos sound amazing I love a good gin drink. Good luck with boys and exams I don’t look forward to the years my boys will be doing the same. I remember it being such a stressful time as a teenager I have a sense of dread our boys will have to do it too. xx

  8. Hope Says:

    Hello – I was doing the rounds at the Tuesday Tally. I love the colors in your granny square.

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