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Tuesday’s Tallies March 6, 2012

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It’s Tuesday and the sun is shining once again. As all my baby gifts are now complete I have time to concentrate on the Bernat Mystery Afghan CAL. It’s my first mystery Cal and it’s lots of fun. A new clue is released every Wednesday, 3pm my time, so I get to see it just before I dash out on the school run. It’s evening before I can look at it properly and begin to crochet. Immense fun though.

The first clue was for 12 small squares – 9 in the main colour, 1 each of colours A, B and C. Clue 2 required 6 large octagons – 4 with colour A and 2 in the main colour. Last week’s clue, number 3, was for 6 different large octagons – 2 with the main colour, and 4 in colour C.

Needless to say I’m behind already! I’m missing 2 from clue 1, 1 from clue 2 and 4 from clue 3. And clue 4 will be out tomorrow! Still, it’s lots of fun and apparently there will be some catch-up time at the end!

Bernat Mystery Afghan CAL 2012


This is where I am so far. I’m using Stylecraft Special with Plum for the main colour, then Meadow (A), Lipstick (C) and Magenta and Aster will be B and D but I haven’t decided which is which yet, hence one of each for the first clue.

So this will be my new one a day project and I’ll be checking out the other one-a-dayers later this week.

Happy Tuesday xx


3 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tallies”

  1. Joanne Says:

    They look great and the mystery bit sounds like fun. The colours are wonderful.

  2. Janette Says:

    They are looking wonderful, Im loving the colours you chose!! I was tempted to join this, but I knew i would lag behind… maybe next time!!

  3. beberouge Says:

    What amazing colours. And what a wonderful pattern what fun to make a mystery blanket I don’t know if I could do it though I’m not one for suprises, maybe I have control issues *Mr C nods* lol

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