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One A Day Update March 30, 2012

Well, it’s been a while since I had a one a day post. But there’s a new thread on Ravelry in the One A Day forum so I thought it would be an idea to give a quick update.

My Blanket Statement is now almost finished – I’m on to the final round of the border, so it should hopefully be completed over the weekend.

On the Bernat Mystery Afghan CAL we have a catch-up week at last so with any luck by next Wednesday I should be up to speed with that too. Although my children break up from school today for Easter holidays so there won’t be much crochet time available! There are a whole lot of things going on over the holidays – my daughter’s 13th birthday(!!), a visit to my Mother-in-law, and my eldest son singing in ‘Worldsong!’ at the Royal Albert Hall – so there may not be much crafty time at all!

I have also started another new project, inspired by the film ‘Bright Star’. About the poet John Keats and his romance with Fanny Brawne, it is a truly beautiful film, and has oodles of the most gorgeous crochet!! Short cardigans made from teeny tiny motifs which are completely spectacular. So I felt I had to give it a try. I found this yarn in a bargain bucket, only one ball so I’ll be looking for a lot more if it works out. The yarn is Patons Mirage and I started with a 3.5mm hook, making tiny little squares and joining as I go. It’s more like a belt than a cardigan right now but I’m enjoying trying it out.

Bright Star

And then just in case that’s not enough, I thought I’d make these egg cosies for the children for Easter!

Egg Cosies

I love Mollie Makes! It’s great for ideas and inspiration. I just have to keep it hidden until I’ve read it first otherwise my daughter steals it away to her room!

That’s about it except to say the Square Swap is still ongoing and I’m receiving some fabulous creations from all over the world – such fun!

Happy Friday xx


6 Responses to “One A Day Update”

  1. I can’t wait to see the cardi. I love making sweaters and that is a really pretty motif. Talk to you soon.

  2. Regula Says:

    The postman (actually a woman) must be surprised whenever there is an envelope in the mail with foreighn stamps and an unusual hand writing on it. Yes, have you noticed that different countries have different handwritings? I think this is because the official handwriting we are taught in school isn’t the same. Ours is called Steinschrift.

  3. stocki Says:

    Sounds like an exciting, busy kind of Easter ‘holiday’ to me! The tiny square cardi plan is intriguing Judy… not envying you all the little ends, but can’t wait to see how it turns out…have a good weekend :)x

  4. Kepanie Says:

    What exciting events for your children! Will you throw a party for your teen? That singing event sounds like a phenomenal one.
    It seems like you’re making great progress on your blankets.
    To make a cardi from all of those tiny squares takes amazing patience. It’s so cool to see your belt forming. Man, I had issues with 48, 5 inched hexagons. Kudos to you.
    The egg cozier are darling.

  5. Topaz Magpie Says:

    It’s official – you are mad. Can’t wait to see the carry though! xx

  6. Topaz Magpie Says:

    It’s official, you are mad. Can’t wait to see the carry though! xx

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