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My Blanket Statement Ta-Dah! April 23, 2012

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And here it is…

I spent 3 days sewing in all the ends – what a lot of ends!


Sewing in the ends - day 1


Sewing in the ends - day 2


My Blanket Statement ends - day 3


And finally…

My Blanket Statement Ta-Dah!


I’m really pleased with how it turned out as I just used the colours that I had left in my Lucy pack after making my daughter’s ripple blanket. And I’ve decided to keep it for me, as our evenings are still on the cool side.

So it rests here during the day, until it is called into use!

My Blanket Statement awaits...


And there we have it! See the bundle of crochet in my place? That’s my current one a day project, my Bernat Mystery Afghan CAL, now coming to a close as I’ve begun seaming the pieces together, ready for the border, but more on that soon.

Happy Monday xx


Friday is my favourite day… April 20, 2012

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Because I went to yoga which was amazing! Lots of work on the core, including Warrior III, incredible! I came home feeling like I was fizzing all over, still do now in fact!

Easter was a very busy time for me  – visiting family, travelling around, plus extra choir rehearsals for my eldest son which concluded with a performance in the Royal Albert Hall. I’d never been there before so it was great just to get to go there but what a truly incredibly emotional experience to see your own son stand on the stage and sing. Completely overwhelming and very, very exciting!

So, not an awful lot of time to do any crochet or knitting.

But once we got home, got the laundry done and the children back to school then I have some time to call my own, hence back to yoga today. I’ve also managed to finally finish my Blanket Statement CAL and there will be a Ta-dah post to follow shortly. I’m now working on the Bernat Mystery Afghan again as all the clues are out and photos of finished afghans are being posted. Hopefully mine isn’t too far away. My Bright Star cardigan is ongoing too. I’m on to the fourth row of teeny tiny squares and I’m contemplating sewing in some of the ends soon otherwise there will be a huge number to do at the end. Having spent three days sewing in the ends on the Blanket Statement (not constantly, of course!) I think it may be worthwhile!

So that’s all for now, just a quick update, but more to follow soon.


Royal Albert Hall 2012


Cornwall Boys Choir and Cambiata
Royal Albert Hall 2012


Have a great weekend xx


Sunday’s Song April 1, 2012

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Another great one…



Happy Sunny Sunday xx


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