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Tuesday’s Tallies October 30, 2012

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Another week, another Tuesday…

And yes, I did miss last week – just not enough time right now. I’ve had subject review evening for my year 11 son, GCSE information evening for my year 9 daughter, as well as dinner with friends and a housewarming party to go to so it’s been a busy time for us.

Not that there has been no crafting in between times…

I’ve got as far as I can with my Square Swap blanket. I’ve bordered and joined all the squares I’ve received so far, and my own square is almost complete. I want to add that at the end though so hopefully the other squares will arrive and then the blanket will be complete. I’m so looking forward to that.

And the socks are ongoing… I’m halfway with my 2nd sock for the September SKA Mystery Sock, and I’ve knitted a pair of socks for my nephew’s birthday. Really cute – I love knitting little socks!

So photos…

Square Swap 2012 – the blanket to date…


little socks


Off now to see what everyone else is up to over at Gingerbread Girl’s blog.

Happy Tuesday xx



One Response to “Tuesday’s Tallies”

  1. tinkhickman Says:

    Such gorgeous colours on your blanket and the socks look warm and cosy. Deb x

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