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Christmas crafting… December 11, 2012

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I thought it was time for a quick update as recently there just doesn’t seem to have been any time to blog!

It is a busy time for everyone, with lots of events and activities going on, family visiting, shopping and cooking, just trying to get everything ready for the festivities to begin.

And many projects to complete…

I’ve got one shawl blocking, and another almost ready to bind off. Then there are two strings of bunting to finish, and two pairs of socks. Can there possibly be enough time? We shall see!

So this is the shawl being blocked…


More photos to follow as each wip becomes an fo!!

Happy Tuesday xx


One Response to “Christmas crafting…”

  1. Regula Says:

    You’ve been busy. Good luck with the progress. 🙂 The shawl’s beautiful.

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