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Recycling January 31, 2013

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Being the mother of 4 children, now aged 11 to 17, means that over the years I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of plastic kitchenware – tumblers, plates, bowls, lidded boxes.  Now some of it is still useful, and of course I do have a step-granddaughter, so some of it actually comes in handy, but much of it is redundant. Or so I thought…

A humble tumbler

A humble tumbler


What was once merely a humble tumbler can now be put to other uses. I’m always finding them in the childrens’ bedrooms with all sorts of things tucked inside them, but I’ve now found my own use for them…

What's inside...

What’s inside…?


Just the right size for holding a tape measure, pencil and 4 dpns, making my current project more easily portable. And that project is…

Firestarter for Jas

Firestarter for Jas


Firestarter socks for my daughter Jasmine. I love this pattern (and you can find it here on Ravelry) and she’s been wanting me to knit socks for her for absolutely ages. I’m on to the second sock now, so they shouldn’t be too long!

But as much as I love knitting, and I love the socks, I’m just so chuffed to be finding a new use for something old!

Happy Thursday x





Sunday’s Song January 20, 2013

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Ooh it’s Sunday…

Have a good one – Happy Sunday xx


Sunday’s Song January 13, 2013

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Well, as it was his birthday this week, I thought I’d choose my favourite…

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, and Happy Sunday xxx


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