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TGI Friday February 28, 2014

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And just to lift the spirits and take us into the weekend…

Happy Friday xx


Crochet Mood Blanket – Square 6 February 8, 2014

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So, the first February square. I chose a silvery grey colour to reflect the colour of the sky and the effect this weather is having on my mood generally. Oh how I long for sunshine!


I’ve joined together the squares from January, using a flat braid join. It’s the first time I’ve used this particular joining method, and I really like it.


I think it looks quite effective, although it took me a while to decide between cream or a dark blue/black colour for joining. I think this was the right choice though.

The stripy blanket is coming on, but I’m also now trying to crochet an amigurumi man – it’s fun and I’m enjoying it so far. And I’ve got one or two WIPs to finish, and hopefully that will happen during the Ravellenic Winter Games, but we’ll see…

Happy Saturday xx


Crochet Mood Blanket – Square 5 February 2, 2014

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So here we are at the end of January already, and 5 squares completed, one for every Wednesday of the month. The fifth square had to be a dark colour, as the mood has definitely been dark, lots of ‘things’ to deal with. But not entirely laden with doom, so I chose more of a jewelled shade to reflect the sense of promise I still feel. I’m always more of a glass half-full girl really.

So square 5 is a deep green but a lovely rich shade.


And so on with February…

Happy Sunday x


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