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Back on track April 10, 2014

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I think this could be my theme for April, getting back on track. I feel like things have been unravelling, going astray, rolling away from me even! So, now the holiday is here, it’s time to gather my thoughts, and projects, and get things back on track!

In March, there were so many things happening that my mood blanket took a back seat. Weeks went by and no more squares were made so now I am four squares behind. I’ll have to make 2 per week in April, to catch up. But here is the first square for April, and happily the first Wednesday in April was the 2nd, my daughter’s 15th birthday. So to celebrate I chose to make a square with a flower in the centre, and using colours left over from the ripple blanket I made her a few years ago. So, here it is…


The pattern I used can be found here

I think it’s a really lovely square, don’t you? I’m sure I’ll use this pattern again.

So, more squares to make, and I’ll post them as I go. Plus I need to update you on the two KALs I’m currently working on, and the two other blankets on the hook… Busy, busy, but April is the month to get it all back on track!

Happy Thursday xx


One Response to “Back on track”

  1. Peaches Says:

    I love your granny square! I only know one way to make them. And, your colors are really nice.

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