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August 21st – ‘something old’ August 21, 2013

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Something old. Throughout our lives we find things, or are given things, that become very precious to us. Today’s subject of ‘something old’ gives me the opportunity to share with you something of mine that fits this perfectly.

This pendant was given to me by my Gran, on my 40th birthday. My Grandad gave it to her on their 40th wedding anniversary. She saw my 40th birthday as the occasion to pass it on, along with the wedding ring of my Great Grandmother, or Mama as we called her. There are no words to express what this means to me, neither at the time or today. They are most precious, and were given and received with much love.
I’m just glad I got home in time today to share this.

Happy Wednesday xx


August 13th – ‘home’ August 13, 2013

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I did think that blogging might fall by the wayside while we are away visiting our family, away from home that is. Which made me think about today’s theme of ‘home’. Really, home is wherever we all are, as long as we are all together. So even though we are away, staying in other homes, we are all in the same place, eating together, talking together, hanging out the laundry, going for walks, and so on. For this week, this is home.

And this was the sunset as we walked home this evening…

Happy Tuesday xx


August 10th – ‘red’ August 10, 2013

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Red. It sounds so easy, but every photo I took today was not quite right, even though I saw many variations on the red theme, and then I saw this…

Three of my four children learned to ride a bike here, at my mother-in-law’s house, in her garden, and on this particular bike, which was also ridden by their cousins and, possibly, their half-brothers and sisters too. It has seen many tumbles and grazes, and a lot of family history. So I think it deserves to be recorded for posterity, as it holds a special place in our hearts.

Happy Saturday xx


August 9th – ‘taste’

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Finally arrived last night at our first destination on our road trip/visiting the family.
And today had a lovely lunch in Frinton-on-Sea, ending with a delicious lemon sorbet.

And as I didn’t have a chance to post this selfie from yesterday, here it is…

Taken on the journey!

Happy Friday xx


August 7th – ‘skyline’ August 7, 2013

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Today I thought I would share the view from my rooftop retreat. When the sun is shining and I have half an hour to spare, this is where I go…

Happy Wednesday xx


August 6th – ‘diagonals’

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Morning coffee…

Happy Tuesday xx


August 5th – ‘close-up’ August 5, 2013

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Close-up. I started to think about this as I made my lunch, so it seemed only right that my lunch became the subject of the photo.

Spelt bread, little gem lettuce, salmon and mayo – yum!

Happy Monday xx


August 4th – ‘love’ August 4, 2013

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Love. There are so many photos that I could have taken but over the past couple of days I have been preoccupied by one particular love – books. There’s something about the holidays which inspires me to get my reading in order, so yesterday, armed with a list and a lot of ideas, I set out for Waterstones…


And came home with an armful of holiday reading!

Happy Sunday xx


August 3rd – ‘yellow’ August 3, 2013

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Yellow. I was thinking about it and then there it was, before my very eyes, as I washed the dishes. There is always a random collection of items on the kitchen windowsill, a variety of vases, flowers, odd toys just popped out of the way.


And then later I made a simple garlicky lentil soup, just what was needed, food for the soul, simplicity itself.


Happy Saturday xx


August 2nd – ‘circles’ August 2, 2013

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August break 2013 – day 2.

Today’s theme is ‘circles’. I didn’t know how this would work out as we already had a day out planned and I didn’t know where circles would come into it.

As it turns out, there were plenty of circles to be found, and here are two of my favourites…


The Barbara Hepworth sculpture ‘Dual Form’ outside the Guildhall in St Ives, and in the background, a porthole window.


Coffee cups and saucers, circles within circles!

So, that was day 2.

Happy Friday x


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