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Bye, Baby Bunting x March 1, 2012

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And by “Bye” I mean it’s ready to go off in the post as my cousin’s baby has now arrived!

So, on this first day of the month I am truly happy to begin with a grand Ta-Dah for my baby bunting. It has been a joy to make, combining crochet with bondaweb, felt and a little bit of sewing – great fun!

Drum roll please…..!


All pennants together



Letters in place



All in place




To say I’m really pleased would be an understatement!!

Thank you to Lucy of Attic24 fame as the idea came from her Jolly Festive Bunting. When I first saw it I thought it would make the perfect ‘new baby’ gift and had to give it a try. I used Rico Creative Cotton which is a bit splitty to work with but the colours are great.

So, onward and upward… there’s the Blanket Statement crying out to be finished now, and then there’s the Bernat Mystery Afghan CAL. Never a dull moment…!

The bunting is off to the Post Office along with the baby beanie and socks…


Baby beanie and socks


… and the baby feet washcloth…


Baby feet washcloth


Little parcels for the little man!

Happy Thursday xxx




OK I know it’s Wednesday! February 22, 2012

So maybe I should call mine One A Day on Wednesday rather than Tuesday’s Tallies!

I’ve been quite caught up with lots of things going on for the children, the usual winter colds, sore throats, etc and not a lot of time for me! Hopefully that will soon change!!

Not a lot to report on my one-a-day either as my blanket statement has ground to a halt. My LYS has so far been unable to acquire any Meadow so today I finally had to order online. It’s not that I am against online shopping; I just wanted to support a local shop. Also, it’s right across the road from me, a sort of newsagents cum corner shop which actually sells Stylecraft Special – can you believe it? Anyway, once the yarn arrives I can resume the blanket statement.

In the meantime, I’ve completed all the pennants for the baby bunting so it’s now on to the letters and motifs. The baby beanie is finished too, so we’re just waiting for baby to put in an appearance!

I’ve also been knitting a pair of fingerless gloves for a friends’ daughter. It’s her birthday on Friday and she’s a student so I thought she might need them to keep warm. We’re all getting together for a birthday supper so I need to get on and finish them so they can be wrapped and ready for the weekend. I’ll take a photo too so I can show them in my next post.

So for now, happy Wednesday xx


Tuesday’s Tallies – but on Wednesday again! February 1, 2012

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So that was January! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone! We began very well with a champagne breakfast with friends on the 1st, and ended with a fab party on the 28th (well, almost the end of January!). I discovered slojitos – like a mojito but made with sloe gin, basil and limes – a great party drink and definitely a new favourite for me.

In between those two events there has been plenty going on – the pressure is cranking up at school for my 2 older boys with exams looming for both of them and lots of coursework/controlled assessments in the meantime. I’m trying to keep them well fed and rested so they don’t buckle – roll on half term. Dressmaking aplenty for my daughter. I’m so glad we bought her a new sewing machine for Christmas, and can’t wait to give it a sneaky try when I get the chance – it’s so much better than my old thing!    And my youngest is full of bounce at the moment – I wish I had some of his energy to get me through the winter.

Yesterday it suddenly got much colder so it was fire lit, steaming mugs of rooibos chai and a couple of episodes of Bleak House for me, accompanied by a little crochet and knitting. My Blanket Statement is coming along nicely and I’ve just started a tiny beanie for the my cousin’s baby. I’ve already finished a tiny pair of socks and the bunting is almost there.


Getting there...

Tiny baby things

More bunting!

So it’s over now to Gingerbread Girl to check out the other one-a-dayers!

Happy Wednesday xx


Tuesday’s Tallies January 17, 2012

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Tuesday’s Tallies on a Tuesday – that’s novel for me! Especially considering there are more things going wrong than right at the moment. Although I’m usually a positive, glass half full type of girl, even I have been sorely tried recently.

However, when I’m lost in my little world of crochet, I feel much better! And I’m pleased with how my projects are coming along.

Cue photos…

The baby bunting begins...

So I began my baby bunting but had to order more colours of the Rico Creative Cotton – shame! And they arrived this morning…

My favourite kind of post!

New yarn

And while I was waiting for the new yarn I decided to join the Blanket Statement CAL on Ravelry – thanks Kashi! I still had lots of Stylecraft left from my ripple blanket and this was just asking to be made! For the first time I’ve tried Lucy’s join as you go method and it’s great! Although there’ll still be plenty of ends to sew in!

My blanket statement

I’m really enjoying this and it’s coming together very quickly. I’ve had to juggle a couple of the colours as I found I didn’t totally like the shrimp colour in the first two squares. Other than that though – it’s great!

I’m off now to check out all the other one-a-dayers over on Gingerbread Girl’s blog. If you haven’t been there yet, why not have a peek?

Have a great week xx


One A Day Project 2012 January 11, 2012

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And so we return to the One-A-Dayers and Tuesdays Tallies for 2012. Of course it is Wednesday but that is nothing new for me.

I had decided to finish a few WIPs in January and then join a CAL that is beginning in February. It’s a Bernat Mystery Afghan and I found it from the We Love Lucy Facebook group.

Of course many things can happen before February and having just seen Carole’s new blanket I am very tempted to start one of those! I’m really missing my ripple – it was a lovely cosy project for the chilly evenings so I’m keen to start another blanket soon! And big thank yous to everyone for your lovely comments on my ripple ta-dah post – it’s been a wonderful journey that I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you all.

Also, my cousin’s baby is due early February so there are many baby things to make too. After seeing Lucy’s festive bunting I thought I’d try that first and add baby’s name to the bunts. So yesterday I made the first one. Now I just need to order some more yarn – ha ha!

Hope everyone has a great week and fingers crossed I’ll have a lovely bunting update next Tuesday xx


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