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Christmas crafting… December 11, 2012

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I thought it was time for a quick update as recently there just doesn’t seem to have been any time to blog!

It is a busy time for everyone, with lots of events and activities going on, family visiting, shopping and cooking, just trying to get everything ready for the festivities to begin.

And many projects to complete…

I’ve got one shawl blocking, and another almost ready to bind off. Then there are two strings of bunting to finish, and two pairs of socks. Can there possibly be enough time? We shall see!

So this is the shawl being blocked…


More photos to follow as each wip becomes an fo!!

Happy Tuesday xx


The First Ta-Dah of 2012 January 5, 2012

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Or the last of 2011 if you prefer as it was actually finished on the evening of Boxing Day!

I’m talking about my ripple blanket of course, and although it wasn’t finished in time for Christmas Day, I did finally get there. Everything else was completed and wrapped, sent off or tucked into stockings, and only the ripple remained. But then events conspired against me and between the weather and the scaffolding(!!) I just couldn’t finish.

However, the moment arrived when every last end was sewn in and I folded it up and handed it over to my daughter. I don’t think she could quite believe it was for her. But it now has pride of place on her bed and is carried around the house to wherever she needs it. I love the thought that this could be with her for many years, keeping her warm and cosy.

So now for the photos…

The ripple ends!

The folded ripple

The ripple in place

Hip, hip hooray!!

And another and most wonderful thing was that I received a Liebster Blog award from Niamh of The Craft Giraffe.

I’m so chuffed that she chose to give this award to me, I just can’t put it into words. A big thank you to Niamh, and thanks to all of you who read my posts, and for all your lovely comments. I love being a part of this community.

And now I get to choose my own favourites to pass on the award to. The idea is that they are blogs with less than 200 followers, and once chosen, they get to choose five of their favourites. After much thought, the five I have chosen are:

1. Beberouge

2. Knitspiring Odyssey

3. Little Things Made With Love

4. Crafts from the Cwtch

5. Kashi’s Corner

It was difficult to choose as there are so many wonderful blogs but these are ones I check out regularly – they are quirky, often funny and definitely inspirational so please check them out when you get a minute.

So, I guess for today that’s all. Lots of love to everyone and good wishes for 2012 xx


Almost… December 20, 2011

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I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! It seemed like there were weeks to go and now… it’s the 20th already!

Our tree is up, cards posted, gifts being wrapped, and plenty of mad last minute crafting going on!

I only have 9 colour changes remaining on my ripple blanket and I’m determined to finish it, and even have all the ends sewn in. Hence, not much time for posting but hopefully photos and a ta-dah when it’s done!

To all of you who read my posts and leave your lovely comments I wish a very merry Christmas, a peaceful and happy holiday, a time of blessings and good wishes, and hopefully we can have a catch-up before the New Year begins.

Love and Christmas wishes xxx



Wednesday… or Tuesday’s Tallies 9 November 23, 2011

Just a quick catchup for me this week. Lots going on and not a lot of time to spare.

Stats are: almost completed the 40th colour change! Therefore, there are 20 more colour changes to complete! Can it be done in time for Christmas?? In theory, yes, but in practise it will no doubt be with fingers crossed!

I have almost cast off the gaiter for my Grandma though and yesterday I purchased new yarn to make another for my Gran. It was a very interesting visit to my LYS with my husband. He actually offered his opinion on the yarn I chose, then suggested another that he preferred, and when I couldn’t decide between the two, he told me to buy both!! Definitely not an everyday occurrence, in fact he would usually meet up with me later. Why this sudden interest in my craft? Any ideas? Not that I am complaining at all as I enjoyed sharing the moment with him.

I’ve also been teaching my daughter and my youngest son (12 and 9) to crochet mini stockings to gift to their friends at Christmas. We’re using this pattern here and it’s going well – I’ll post some photos when the first ones are complete!

So I’m hoping to have time this evening to peep into everyone’s projects and get a quick update. Thank you so much to everyone who has commented on my posts so far. I find it really encouraging and there are definitely days where this keeps me going.

Have a great week xx


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