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Changes March 5, 2013

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I don’t know quite what it is at the moment but I am feeling unsettled. This year is bringing with it many changes, for me personally, and those in my family. I’m just feeling my way forward very gently for now, as I’m not sure what it all means, or how to react. This means a lot of thinking, choices to make, and a new direction to find….

So, in the meantime, I figured rather than begin anything new, the best thing would be to tie up all the loose ends – no pun intended! WIPS beware – you’re about to be finished!! At least, that is my aim.

First up, Jasmine’s Firestarter socks. I only have half a cuff left to do, and the finishing, so that’s an easy start. I’ve just fastened off a KAL shawl that I was taking part in through a Facebook group, it’s soaking as I type and will then be blocked! After that, well there’s my Square Swap blanket, and another pair of socks, and then I’ll have to start going through all those abandoned project bags and deciding whether to frog or finish.

It feels good to write this down – I’ll post updates as they happen!

Happy Tuesday xx


Reasons To Be Cheerful February 23, 2012

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Of which, of course, there are many. But here are mine for today…

1. A vase of spring flowers – tulips are my favourites!

2. Crocheting for hours – last week I started my first mystery CAL from the Bernat website.

3. Not mine or yours, but ours – it’s good to remind ourselves what it’s all about, why we are where we       are…

So there we go.

However, just one more reason to be cheerful is that on Saturday I’m going to the Hall for Cornwall to see…

Reasons To Be Cheerful – the musical! I’ve had a sneak preview and it’s great. Can’t wait.

Happy Thursday xx

And for more Reasons, go to Planet Penny’s blog xx


It’s Wednesday Again!! November 9, 2011

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I can’t believe I’ve managed to miss yet another Tuesday’s Tallies. But to be fair I have been distracted this week by a poorly boy. He’s back at school today but we had a couple of days of sore throat, high temperature and snuffles which meant lots of snuggles and warm drinks, even a game of Monopoly, but not a lot of crochet.

Our weekend was busy too. On Saturday we went to visit our local college to check out A level courses for our eldest to start in September. I think we all found it quite exciting. The courses all seem very interesting, in fact the A level Spanish students can go on a trip to Cuba!! It’s going to be difficult for him to decide which subjects to take, as he’s doing very well in most of his GCSE courses and seems to enjoy most things. Definitely Music though, probably Spanish, and then it’s between English, Maths, maybe a Science – there’s time yet!

On Sunday we had a lovely family day – a stroll in the sunshine and all together for dinner in the evening – simple pleasures.

Back to the business end – my ripple is packed away in the bedroom for the moment as we had to have the chimney tested yesterday meaning the sitting room was full of smoke and I didn’t want to risk contamination!! So no photo. And as there hasn’t been that much progress you’re only missing a couple of rows of colour. On to the 34th colour change now and still loving it. This morning I’ve revived my 2 at a time sock project and hopefully I’ll have a photo of that for next week.

In the meantime I thought you might like to see these…

Aaron's eclairs

My second son, Aaron, who I wrote about last week, started his GCSE courses this September and he’s doing Food Tech. And on Thursday he made eclairs, the best I’ve ever tasted. And I’m not just saying that – they were really good and I had to take this photo very quickly before they all disappeared. I’ve never even made choux pastry before!

So hopefully I’ll manage to make Tuesday next week. I’m off to check out all the other projects over on gingerbread girl’s blog now.

Have a great week x


Late Again – Tuesday’s Tallies 7 (on Wednesday!) November 2, 2011

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Tuesday’s just seem to be too busy of late, with no time to get anywhere near the computer!

Of course, we had a busy time on Monday, what with Hallowe’en and all, supper with friends, trick or treating in the pouring rain, and these gorgeous sweet little munchkins lanterns!

Munchkin lanterns

The blanket is still rippling away, on to colour change 31 now, and still smitten.

Rippling along

I’ve also managed to knit another wash cloth so only one more of those to go.

And I began crocheting snowflakes after reading a post on Ravelry. I had my own experience of a Special Care Baby Unit when our second son was born, 11 weeks prematurely , on New Years Eve 1996. It was a complete shock for us all, and everyone was so kind and helpful. After 12 weeks of living our lives on a day to day rollercoaster ride he finally came home. It hasn’t been easy; he has cerebral palsy, with mobility problems, learning difficulties, asthma, it’s quite a list. But he is wonderful, talented and a fabulous human being. And this New Years Eve he will be 15. I don’t know where the time has gone!

Back to today, and I’m hoping that after the school run I can check out the other One A Dayers over on Gingerbread Girl’s blog!

Happy Wednesday xx


Another lazy Sunday… October 23, 2011

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Which is obviously the best kind of Sunday! As half term begins I always feel it’s good not to rush into anything so we’re having a quiet couple of days, tidying up the children’s bedrooms, listening to music, good food, all in a lovely gentle way. We had a great evening with friends on Friday, veggie chilli, a few glasses of wine, a DVD for the children, and plenty of cool jazz for us. And then this morning as I lay in the bath I heard this and just had to hear it again.



Have a great Sunday x


Tuesday’s Tallies 5 – on Wednesday! October 19, 2011

Oh dearie me. I don’t know quite what happened to Tuesday – it just seemed to pass by before I ever got a chance to get anywhere near the computer!! Lots to do as always so a quick catch-up on Wednesday.

I’m on to my 19th colour change and back to Pomegranate, a colour I love. The ripple is now starting to spread nicely over my lap as I crochet which is a bonus now the weather has become decidedly cooler. In fact there may even have been a light frost this morning but as it was still quite dark when I first looked out I couldn’t be definite on that.

Rippling along

And on another note – I read Lucy’s post regarding the last dahlias the other day which made me think I must see if the Farmer’s Market had any this week. So yesterday morning I went off into town with this very idea in mind. First stop was coffee however with a couple of friends so we could catch up before half term. Then into the coffee shop comes my step-daughter with my gorgeous granddaughter carrying a beautiful bunch of dahlias. For me!! I was delighted on all counts as you can imagine. I had coffee and cake with friends, a good chat, met up with family and brought home a fabulous bunch of dahlias!

The last dahlias

Happy Tuesday indeed xx

I’m off now to check out how everyone else is getting on with their projects over on Gingerbread Girls’ blog


Sunday’s Song October 16, 2011

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Another busy old weekend for me! On Friday night we went to a Tea Dance in the local church hall, a fundraiser for our primary school. All my children have gone there, but now only the youngest remains while the others have all moved on to secondary school. The theme was ‘blitz chic’ and everyone entered into the spirit of things with style. Bangers and mash, Victoria sponge, jelly and cream, and the occasional glass of wine, with music from a Glenn Miller style big band! A dance teacher came along to show us some steps and we all joined in with the Charleston and the Cha Cha Cha!! What with ‘Strictly’ being our favourite viewing just now, it was right up our street! And the decor was distinctly vintage…

Tea dance bunting

Keep dancing!

Smiles all round as we danced the night away!

At the end of the evening I even managed a dance with my eldest son, a rerun of the last waltz we had a couple of years ago on my 40th birthday – what a night!

And to follow a link I came across courtesy of a very good friend – I hope you like it as much as I do…

Happy Sunday x


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