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Another Friday March 13, 2015

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Yes, it’s Friday again, and as I have missed a few I thought it was time to catch up.

Lots of projects on the go and all going well. Sophie’s Universe is now over one metre wide and still growing. I really look forward to each clue being released so that I can see what will happen next!

Sophie's Universe part 8

Sophie’s Universe part 8


This week I also cast on a new shawl – Hitchhiker by Martina Behm – using Opal sock yarn on a 3mm circular needle. I’m 15 teeth in and I can tell I’ll definitely be knitting this one again.




I also had a quick make yesterday – coasters to pop into our Mother’s Day cards – hope they like them.

Flower coasters

Flower coasters


And now the weekend is almost upon us – happy Friday xx


The Friday Update January 23, 2015

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So, this week has been all about CALs, and KALs, and MKALs. For those who may not know these are events where groups of crafters all knit or crochet along together – see, Crochet A Long, and so on, so clever and cute, I love it 🙂 And the MKAL is a Mystery Knit A Long – even more fun to be had there, as you don’t know where the pattern will take you…! So the first one I started is the Sophie’s Universe CAL. Parts 1 and 2 were released on Sunday and in the evening I gathered my yarns and hook together, settled down with ‘Call the Midwife’ and a glass of rosé, and began hooking. The instructions are really clear, with a great round by round photo tutorial, and I’m really pleased with how mine came together.

2015/01/img_5922.jpg I’m using Stylecraft Special DK with a 4mm hook. Looking forward to the next clue 🙂 Then on Monday a new MKAL began in a group on Ravelry with a pattern from Ysolda Teague. The final piece will be a shawl and mine is in 4ply Stylecraft Life on a 4mm circular needle.

2015/01/img_5923.jpg Also this week I’ve been crocheting little hats for premature babies, a charity close to my heart. And it feels good to give something back 🙂 And I’ve started to read ‘Mystery in White’ by J. Jefferson Farjeon, another book I received at Christmas. Happy Friday xx


That Friday feeling… January 16, 2015

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Another Friday already – and am I glad! There is something about Friday that feels full of promise, anything could happen, the whole weekend ahead – in reality it will probably be just another weekend but for now the promise is there!

Since last Friday I have finished one WIP – the Sunlight shawl – and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. All ends are sewn in, it’s blocked and ready to go…

The Sunlight shawl

The Sunlight shawl

The cosy blanket is progressing well – I’m up to stripe 26 now and it’s lovely to sit with in the evening, over my lap, crocheting away 🙂

Still not finished the tie, but it’s getting there. And the hat needs one more round, so should be done today.

I also finished reading ‘The Strange Library’ by Haruki Murakami. It’s a charming little story, and reminds me of a book I could have read as a child, or read to my own children. Although it is darker, it just has that feel to it. I’d be interested to know what others think.

The Strange Library

The Strange Library

And that is this week. I’ve been finding lots of new CALs/KALs that are about to begin. So if I can finish these current WIPs I can get some new projects on the go – what fun!

Happy Friday xx


New Year’s Resolutions January 9, 2015

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It seems everywhere I look today people are posting about their resolutions for the New Year – things to do, promises made, ideas they plan to bring into being, and so on. It made me think about my own approach to the New Year and those things that I might like to undertake, so here goes…

I’ve decided to keep a project diary, where I’ll keep track of all my knitting and crochet projects, plus any other craft-based ideas I might have along the way. I’ll include the details of the yarn I’m using, the hook or needle size, even the yarn shop/website the yarn came from, if necessary. Then I can track my progress, and see how I’m getting on.

And I thought it might be an idea to add the books I’m reading, just so I have a record of those too.

As well as any fabulous recipes I come across, and the results if I try them out!

And find time every Friday for a regular update here, to share what’s happened throughout the week.

So, this week’s projects are:

My Attic24 Cosy Stripe Blanket

My cosy stripe blanket

My cosy stripe blanket

16 stripes in, more to follow this weekend 🙂

Next, a crocodile stitch hat from simply Crochet Magazine…

My crocodile stitch hat

My crocodile stitch hat

The pattern is for a child’s size hat but it’s so cute I wanted one for myself, so I’m trying to make it larger – watch this space 😉

And last, but not least, a knitted tie for my hubby, which was meant to be for Christmas but somehow didn’t quite make it! almost done tho’

Moss stitch tie

Moss stitch tie

My current books are:

Haruki Murakami – The Strange Library. A Christmas gift – loving it so far.

Nina Stibbe – Love, Nina. This is my book at bedtime – light, and easy to read, and fun. Not too troublesome before I nod off.

And today I read a recipe for Apple Cinnamon Loaf posted on Facebook. It looks yummy so I may just have to try it out this weekend – I’ll make sure to let you know.

And that’s all for now – happy Friday xx


TGI Friday February 28, 2014

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And just to lift the spirits and take us into the weekend…

Happy Friday xx


Friday is my favourite day… April 20, 2012

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Because I went to yoga which was amazing! Lots of work on the core, including Warrior III, incredible! I came home feeling like I was fizzing all over, still do now in fact!

Easter was a very busy time for me  – visiting family, travelling around, plus extra choir rehearsals for my eldest son which concluded with a performance in the Royal Albert Hall. I’d never been there before so it was great just to get to go there but what a truly incredibly emotional experience to see your own son stand on the stage and sing. Completely overwhelming and very, very exciting!

So, not an awful lot of time to do any crochet or knitting.

But once we got home, got the laundry done and the children back to school then I have some time to call my own, hence back to yoga today. I’ve also managed to finally finish my Blanket Statement CAL and there will be a Ta-dah post to follow shortly. I’m now working on the Bernat Mystery Afghan again as all the clues are out and photos of finished afghans are being posted. Hopefully mine isn’t too far away. My Bright Star cardigan is ongoing too. I’m on to the fourth row of teeny tiny squares and I’m contemplating sewing in some of the ends soon otherwise there will be a huge number to do at the end. Having spent three days sewing in the ends on the Blanket Statement (not constantly, of course!) I think it may be worthwhile!

So that’s all for now, just a quick update, but more to follow soon.


Royal Albert Hall 2012


Cornwall Boys Choir and Cambiata
Royal Albert Hall 2012


Have a great weekend xx


Friday is my favourite day July 8, 2011

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because I go to yoga class in the morning, then home for lunch, and time for some knitting in the afternoon.

Yoga was very emotional for me today. Since my friend died I haven’t been able to go to yoga class but after talking to my teacher I felt it was time to try. But it was quite overwhelming and at one point I just had to rest in childs pose and cry. It was a good release, although there have been more tears throughout the day.

A quiet lunch was followed by some quality knitting time. I’m currently working on a shawl from a pattern called Northern Lights I found on Ravelry.  I’m hoping to give it to a friend. A good shawl is like a good hug I feel. And right now that is what she needs.

Northern Lights begins

And so on to tomorrow. Everything has had me in tears today; more smiles for tomorrow x


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