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One A Day project – Tuesday’s Tallies September 20, 2011

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Time to update my One a Day project with Tuesday’s Tallies

One A Day

Well I’ve done better than I thought I would and now only have 6 rows and a bind off to do on the Northern Lights shawl! I’ve ordered my Attic 24 pack and it should arrive tomorrow which means I can start my ripple blanket once this shawl is blocking!! Oh happy day!

Northern Lights - almost done!

Feeling quietly chuffed as I completed 11 rows this week in the tiny amount of time I have between school runs, laundry, shopping, cooking, etc and everything else that is required to run a home with 4 children. Plus my husband managed to trap his hand in the car door, which meant an extra trip  to Minor Injuries, x-rays, stitches, and now a one-handed partner! Lots of fussing and TLC required!

And so onward. Hopefully another couple of rows this evening, once I return from a meeting about GCSE revision with my eldest – that should be fun – and waiting for the postman to arrive tomorrow morning xx


Return to washcloths… September 14, 2011

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I was really looking forward to starting a new project but when I cast a glance into my work bags I realised how many unfinished items I already have! So, I decided it was best to finish off one or two before starting anything else.

Earlier this year I planned to make washcloths for the christmas stockings and so far only one is complete. The second was half done so that had to be first on the list. And now that too is done. Two more to go, but next up has to be the shawl. I’m pushing myself to do at least two rows a day which means it will be finished in about a week. Watch this space!

And after that, there’s another shawl, but I really want to start a blanket for my cousin who is expecting a baby in the new year. Also because I found this really great One a Day project on Gingerbread Girl’s blog and I want to join in. I really want to make Lucy’s ripple blanket and I think it would be perfect for this project.

But first, to finish the shawl. I guess that can count towards the One a Day too xx


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