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Busy days July 4, 2012

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It’s that time of year again, when there seems to be something on the calendar almost every day. School events, plays, sports days, exams are over thankfully, but now there are appointments with teachers, doctors, dentists – it’s busy, busy, busy. Luckily, the fun things balance out those that are not-so-fun!!

Jas finally had her Baroque Banquet which involved her playing the violin, dancing, acting and, of course, dressing up. They all had a wonderful time and although I don’t have any photos to share of the event itself I thought this was a good time to show you the photos of the dress.

So here goes…

Taking the stairs…

I’m so pleased with how it all came together in the end, and I only had one sleepless night when I desperately tried to finish it off. And I was really glad to then find I actually had an extra bit of time after all.

But most importantly Jasmine was really pleased with the end result and she had a great time.

Soon I’ll have to share my new projects – and as the Square Swap nears it’s end there will be a Ta-Dah moment approaching!

Happy Wednesday xx


Busy busy… May 31, 2012

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Never have I known such busy days! Recently I have barely had time to draw breath, and certainly no time to blog! And we have had some truly beautiful weather so there have had to be a few moments of sitting in the sunshine too.

But as for what’s been keeping me busy…

Well, I’ve been trying to finish my squares for the Square Swap over on Facebook. I’m almost there now, with 2 left to complete, and a Post Office run by (hopefully) the end of the week!

Meanwhile, my Bernat Mystery Afghan is sitting sulking in the basket as it has become totally neglected. Almost all of the motifs are now joined together so then I have a border to do. I have to say I wasn’t overwhelmed by the border clue released for the pattern but luckily I spotted a lovely version over on Ravelry which gave me an idea for mine. All I need now is the time to bring it all together!

So, what got in the way of all my crochet progress? Well, my daughter, in year 8, is studying the Baroque period in Creative Arts this term. This covers Drama, Art, Music, etc. She had to make a baroque influenced stage set and in Art they also are printing wallpaper using Baroque motifs. The whole project will culminate in a Baroque Banquet, with one of the stage sets being chosen to be made up to set the scene, and all the pupils taking part IN COSTUME!! Here’s where I came in. After Jas had spent some time looking at various internet options and we’d rummaged through a few charity shops to no avail, I said, without thinking, “Well, I could make you a dress”. And that is where it all began!

So for the past two weeks I have done little else other than cut, tack and sew, with gathering, boning and pressing! And now it’s almost finished, only yards and yards of hemming to do. It’s been quite stressful and I did have to stay up all night last Wednesday so Jas could take it in to school on Thursday, even though it wasn’t quite ready. Gosh, was I tired? And very emotional! But now I have two weeks in which to finish it off. And next week is half term so there’s no rush! I have really enjoyed it though on the whole. It’s been a few years since I last did any dressmaking on this level and it’s great to revive that interest and the skills involved. I’ll definitely be doing more sewing in the future. In fact I now have to go and make a bearskin hat for my son’s Jubilee party on Friday – no rest for me.

But soon, I’ll be able to be back with my crochet.

Some of the squares I’ve received in the swap…


And now to finish the rest!

Happy Thursday xx


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