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And it’s Friday February 13, 2015

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Finally we’re at the end of what seems to have been a really long week. But things have been done, projects carry on, books are being read, and now we have reached the weekend and it’s time to relax!

I am really pleased with my continuing crochet project, Sophie’s Universe. This week took a lot more concentration, and a lot of counting, then some frogging, and then more counting! But it is glorious, so definitely worth the struggle!


I’ve also been busy this week with an idea I had for baby booties. Scribbling, swatching, hooking, then more scribbling until I think I’m happy! Now to see if I can make another to match…


Oh, and I’ve also cast on a new pair of socks – I couldn’t resist, but more of those as they grow…

Have a great Friday xx



Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 – Square 4 January 24, 2014

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It struck me today how moods can change so many times within a day, never mind a week. The idea of making a square to reflect the whole week is therefore slightly unrealistic – every square would need to be multi-coloured, with stitches missing, knots, mistakes and all. So my squares instead will give more of a general impression, rather than a detailed explanation of the past week.

This week has been, all in all, fairly cheery. My step-daughter and her little girl returned from their travels just in time for us all to celebrate the little one’s fifth birthday. We all got together for a meal, and cake, of course, and a chorus or two of ‘Happy Birthday’. Family, singing, presents and cake – very cheery indeed!

So, on Wednesday I sat down, looked in my box, and found a lovely cheery pink shade of yarn called Pomegranate. Even the name makes me smile! And here it is…


Had I chosen to wait and make the square in the evening, it would have been a very different colour, as some news I received from my son’s college about his exams made me extremely angry, in fact probably too angry even to crochet. I’m glad I had made it in the afternoon!

I’ve also been fairly distracted recently with socks once again, of all sizes. I’m currently making two pairs, different sizes, for two little girls. Almost finished now, and then it will be socks for the boys. I really like the Regia sock yarn I’m using – that added to the cheeriness of the week too!


The stripy blanket has, in the meantime, been on hold. But I’m hoping to get back to it soon…

Happy Friday xx


Loose Ends – Part 1 March 13, 2013

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And here we have the first project completed – ta-dah! Jasmine’s Firestarter socks – cast off, ends sewn in, and on her feet!



I’m so pleased with these socks, in every way. Great pattern, lovely colours, and one very pleased daughter! She’s wanted me to knit her a pair of socks for ages…

So, that’s the first project finished. No. 2 is off the needles, blocked and awaiting photographs – so soon there should  be another follow-up post. However, I’ve found more UFOs so this could go on for a while…

Happy Wednesday xx


Changes March 5, 2013

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I don’t know quite what it is at the moment but I am feeling unsettled. This year is bringing with it many changes, for me personally, and those in my family. I’m just feeling my way forward very gently for now, as I’m not sure what it all means, or how to react. This means a lot of thinking, choices to make, and a new direction to find….

So, in the meantime, I figured rather than begin anything new, the best thing would be to tie up all the loose ends – no pun intended! WIPS beware – you’re about to be finished!! At least, that is my aim.

First up, Jasmine’s Firestarter socks. I only have half a cuff left to do, and the finishing, so that’s an easy start. I’ve just fastened off a KAL shawl that I was taking part in through a Facebook group, it’s soaking as I type and will then be blocked! After that, well there’s my Square Swap blanket, and another pair of socks, and then I’ll have to start going through all those abandoned project bags and deciding whether to frog or finish.

It feels good to write this down – I’ll post updates as they happen!

Happy Tuesday xx


Recycling January 31, 2013

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Being the mother of 4 children, now aged 11 to 17, means that over the years I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of plastic kitchenware – tumblers, plates, bowls, lidded boxes.  Now some of it is still useful, and of course I do have a step-granddaughter, so some of it actually comes in handy, but much of it is redundant. Or so I thought…

A humble tumbler

A humble tumbler


What was once merely a humble tumbler can now be put to other uses. I’m always finding them in the childrens’ bedrooms with all sorts of things tucked inside them, but I’ve now found my own use for them…

What's inside...

What’s inside…?


Just the right size for holding a tape measure, pencil and 4 dpns, making my current project more easily portable. And that project is…

Firestarter for Jas

Firestarter for Jas


Firestarter socks for my daughter Jasmine. I love this pattern (and you can find it here on Ravelry) and she’s been wanting me to knit socks for her for absolutely ages. I’m on to the second sock now, so they shouldn’t be too long!

But as much as I love knitting, and I love the socks, I’m just so chuffed to be finding a new use for something old!

Happy Thursday x





Tuesday’s Tallies October 30, 2012

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Another week, another Tuesday…

And yes, I did miss last week – just not enough time right now. I’ve had subject review evening for my year 11 son, GCSE information evening for my year 9 daughter, as well as dinner with friends and a housewarming party to go to so it’s been a busy time for us.

Not that there has been no crafting in between times…

I’ve got as far as I can with my Square Swap blanket. I’ve bordered and joined all the squares I’ve received so far, and my own square is almost complete. I want to add that at the end though so hopefully the other squares will arrive and then the blanket will be complete. I’m so looking forward to that.

And the socks are ongoing… I’m halfway with my 2nd sock for the September SKA Mystery Sock, and I’ve knitted a pair of socks for my nephew’s birthday. Really cute – I love knitting little socks!

So photos…

Square Swap 2012 – the blanket to date…


little socks


Off now to see what everyone else is up to over at Gingerbread Girl’s blog.

Happy Tuesday xx



Tuesday’s Tallies October 10, 2012

Don’t Tuesdays come round quickly! It definitely doesn’t feel like a whole week ago that I began with the Tallies once again.

And so on to progress made…

Not as much as I planned with the blanket as other projects took priority. I had to finish a teeny tiny pair of socks and a hat for my new nephew, and I started a crocheted doily for my cousin’s wedding anniversary. She got married when we were only 18 years old, and next week she has her silver wedding anniversary – that’s 25 years! Totally awesome. She lives far away from me now so I thought a doily would be the ideal gift to go in the post.

And photos…

Teeny tiny socks



Teeny tiny hat



The Anniversary Doily



The Square Swap Blanket – so far!



So, that’s it for me. I’m off now to Gingerbread Girl’s blog to check out all the others in Tuesday’s Tallies!


Happy Tuesday xx


eta – ok so thanks to technology it’s now Wednesday – ho hum! xx





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