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Tapestry Crochet October 22, 2014

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So, I have tried tapestry crochet before, without much success, but this time – hooray! – it worked!

I really needed a small pouch for notions, one that could be tucked into my bag, just big enough to hold a tape measure, a tin of stitch markers and a sewing-up needle, a small pair of needlework scissors, and maybe a spare crochet hook or two!

And here it is…


And if we look inside…


After completing the tapestry crochet body, I carried on just with the orange to create a flap by decreasing at each edge. Added a tassel and a loop to fasten and ta dah! There we have it – one tapestry crochet travelling notions pouch!

Happy Wednesday x


My Blanket Statement Ta-Dah! April 23, 2012

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And here it is…

I spent 3 days sewing in all the ends – what a lot of ends!


Sewing in the ends - day 1


Sewing in the ends - day 2


My Blanket Statement ends - day 3


And finally…

My Blanket Statement Ta-Dah!


I’m really pleased with how it turned out as I just used the colours that I had left in my Lucy pack after making my daughter’s ripple blanket. And I’ve decided to keep it for me, as our evenings are still on the cool side.

So it rests here during the day, until it is called into use!

My Blanket Statement awaits...


And there we have it! See the bundle of crochet in my place? That’s my current one a day project, my Bernat Mystery Afghan CAL, now coming to a close as I’ve begun seaming the pieces together, ready for the border, but more on that soon.

Happy Monday xx


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